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thanksgiving movies netflix

Thanksgiving is a time for gathering with loved ones, enjoying a delicious meal, and expressing gratitude for all the blessings in our lives. It’s a holiday that is deeply rooted in American culture, and has become a beloved tradition for many families. But after the turkey has been carved and the pumpkin pie has been devoured, what’s left to do? Well, if you’re like most people, you’ll probably want to relax and unwind after the hustle and bustle of the holiday. And what better way to do that than by curling up on the couch and watching a Thanksgiving movie on Netflix ?

Netflix has become the go-to streaming service for many people, offering a vast library of movies and TV shows to choose from. And as the holiday season approaches, it’s the perfect time to explore the selection of Thanksgiving movies that Netflix has to offer. From heartwarming family films to laugh-out-loud comedies, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So grab some leftover turkey and settle in for a movie marathon with these top Thanksgiving movies on Netflix.

1. “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” (1987)

This classic Thanksgiving film stars Steve Martin and John Candy as two mismatched travelers trying to make their way home for the holiday. Martin plays a workaholic trying to get back to his family, while Candy is a lovable but clumsy salesman who constantly gets on his nerves. As they face numerous obstacles on their journey, they eventually form an unlikely friendship. “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” is a heartwarming and hilarious comedy that captures the spirit of Thanksgiving and the importance of friendship.

2. “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” (1973)

No Thanksgiving movie list would be complete without this beloved animated special. Charlie Brown and the gang gather for a Thanksgiving feast, but things don’t go as planned when Snoopy and Woodstock are put in charge of cooking the meal. As always, Charlie Brown learns an important lesson about the true meaning of the holiday. This classic film is a must-watch for all ages, and is sure to bring back fond memories of childhood for many viewers.

3. “Free Birds” (2013)

For a more lighthearted and family-friendly option, “Free Birds” is the perfect choice. This animated film follows two turkeys, voiced by Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson, as they travel back in time to try to change the course of history and prevent turkeys from becoming the main course at Thanksgiving. With a star-studded cast and plenty of laughs, “Free Birds” is a fun and entertaining movie that will have the whole family cheering for the turkeys.

4. “The Blind Side” (2009)

Based on a true story, “The Blind Side” tells the heartwarming tale of a wealthy family who takes in a homeless teenager and helps him fulfill his potential as a football player. Sandra Bullock gives a powerful performance as Leigh Anne Tuohy, the matriarch of the family, and the film explores themes of family, love, and gratitude. While not strictly a Thanksgiving movie, the film’s message of giving back and helping others is a perfect fit for the holiday.

5. “Scent of a Woman” (1992)

Al Pacino gives a memorable performance as a retired army colonel who has lost his sight and his will to live. He hires a young student, played by Chris O’Donnell, to assist him over Thanksgiving weekend, and the two form an unlikely bond. “Scent of a Woman” is a poignant and powerful film that reminds us to be grateful for the people in our lives and to never lose hope.

6. “The Oath” (2018)

For those looking for a more unconventional Thanksgiving film, “The Oath” offers a dark and humorous take on the holiday. Ike Barinholtz wrote, directed, and stars in this satirical thriller about a family gathering for Thanksgiving dinner in a politically charged climate. As tensions rise and secrets are revealed, the film explores themes of family, loyalty, and the state of modern America.

7. “Hannah and Her Sisters” (1986)

Woody Allen’s “Hannah and Her Sisters” is a classic Thanksgiving movie that follows the intertwined lives of three sisters and their relationships with their husbands, lovers, and each other. The film takes place over two Thanksgivings, and explores themes of love, family, and finding meaning in life. With a star-studded cast and Allen’s signature wit and charm, “Hannah and Her Sisters” is a must-watch for fans of the director and those looking for a thought-provoking film.

8. “Pieces of April” (2003)

This indie film tells the story of April (Katie Holmes), a rebellious young woman who invites her estranged family to her small New York City apartment for Thanksgiving dinner. As she struggles to cook the meal and deal with her dysfunctional family, April learns the importance of forgiveness and the true meaning of family. “Pieces of April” is a heartwarming and relatable film that captures the chaos and love of a family coming together for the holiday.

9. “The Ice Storm” (1997)

Set in the 1970s, “The Ice Storm” follows two families as they navigate their relationships and personal struggles over Thanksgiving weekend. With a stellar cast including Kevin Kline, Sigourney Weaver, and Elijah Wood, the film explores themes of loss, infidelity, and the changing of society. “The Ice Storm” is a powerful and thought-provoking film that delves deep into the complexities of family dynamics.

10. “Four Christmases” (2008)

While Thanksgiving may be the focus of the holiday season, Christmas is just around the corner. “Four Christmases” is a comedy about a couple, played by Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon, who are forced to visit all four of their divorced parents on Christmas Day. As they navigate the chaos and drama of their families, they also reevaluate their own relationship. With plenty of laughs and a heartwarming message, “Four Christmases” is a fun and festive film to get you in the holiday spirit.

In conclusion, while Thanksgiving may not be known for its abundance of movies like Christmas or Halloween, there are still plenty of great films to choose from on Netflix. Whether you’re in the mood for a heartwarming family film or a dark and comedic thriller, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So this Thanksgiving, grab some popcorn and gather around the TV for a movie marathon that will leave you feeling grateful and entertained.

the family dog is sync kids

The family dog is often referred to as the “man’s best friend”. And it is for a good reason. Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years, and have become an integral part of our lives. They are loyal, loving, and provide us with unconditional companionship. But did you know that dogs can also be great for kids? In fact, having a family dog can have numerous benefits for children, both physically and emotionally. So let’s dive into the world of “sync kids” and explore how having a family dog can positively impact your children’s lives.

First and foremost, having a family dog can promote physical activity in children. In today’s world where technology has become a major part of our lives, children are spending more time indoors, glued to their screens. This sedentary lifestyle can lead to numerous health issues, such as obesity and diabetes. However, having a dog at home can encourage children to engage in physical activities such as playing fetch, going for walks, or even running around the yard with their furry friend. This not only helps in burning off excess energy but also promotes a healthy lifestyle and keeps the kids active and fit.

Moreover, studies have shown that children who grow up with dogs are less likely to develop allergies and asthma. It is believed that exposure to pet dander and bacteria at an early age can help build a stronger immune system. This is particularly beneficial for children who are at a higher risk of developing allergies or asthma due to a family history. Having a “sync kid” means that your child will have a furry companion by their side, which can potentially reduce their chances of developing these health issues.

Another significant benefit of having a family dog is the emotional support and companionship that they provide. Dogs are known for their ability to sense human emotions and are often referred to as “emotional sponges”. Children who struggle with emotional issues such as anxiety or depression can find comfort and solace in their furry friend. Dogs are great listeners and provide unconditional love, which can help improve a child’s self-esteem and confidence. They also serve as a source of constant companionship, especially for children who may feel lonely or isolated. Having a dog at home can make a significant difference in a child’s emotional well-being.

Furthermore, having a family dog can also teach children important life lessons. Dogs require care and attention, and children learn responsibility by taking care of their furry friend. From feeding and grooming to taking them for walks and cleaning up after them, children learn to put someone else’s needs before their own. This sense of responsibility can translate into other areas of their lives, such as school and relationships, and help them become more accountable individuals.

In addition to this, dogs can also teach children about empathy and compassion. By observing how their furry friend responds to their emotions, children learn to understand and empathize with others. They also learn to be more compassionate and gentle towards animals, which can have a positive impact on their relationships with humans as well. Dogs also provide a great opportunity for children to learn about boundaries and respect. They learn that just like humans, animals also have boundaries and need to be treated with love and care.

Moreover, having a dog at home can also help children develop their social skills. Dogs are great icebreakers, and having one at home can make it easier for children to interact with other kids in the neighborhood. They can bond over their love for dogs and even organize playdates with their furry friends. This can help children develop social skills such as communication, cooperation, and problem-solving. It also provides them with a sense of belonging and a community to be a part of, which is crucial for a child’s overall development.

Furthermore, dogs can act as a source of comfort for children during challenging times. They are great listeners and do not judge, making it easier for children to open up and express their feelings. This can be particularly beneficial for children going through tough times, such as divorce or moving to a new place. Having a dog at home can provide them with a constant and reliable source of support, which can help them cope with these changes and transitions.

Additionally, having a dog can also have a positive impact on a child’s cognitive development. Studies have shown that children who grow up with dogs tend to have better cognitive abilities, such as problem-solving, memory, and verbal skills. This can be attributed to the constant interaction and communication that children have with their furry friends. Dogs also provide a great opportunity for children to learn through play, which is an essential aspect of a child’s cognitive development.

Moreover, having a family dog can also teach children about respect and responsibility towards the environment. Dogs require daily walks and exercise, which means that children will spend more time outdoors. This can help them develop a love and appreciation for nature and the environment. They also learn the importance of picking up after their dog and keeping their surroundings clean. These small acts of responsibility can have a significant impact on a child’s attitude towards the environment and their role in preserving it.

Lastly, dogs can also help children develop a sense of purpose and meaning. Children can often feel lost or unsure about their place in the world. However, having a dog at home can give them a sense of purpose and responsibility. They know that their furry friend relies on them for care and love, which can give them a sense of fulfillment and a feeling of being needed. This can be particularly beneficial for children who struggle with self-esteem issues and can help them find a sense of purpose and belonging.

In conclusion, having a family dog can have numerous positive effects on children, both physically and emotionally. From promoting physical activity and reducing the risk of allergies to teaching important life lessons and providing emotional support, dogs are truly a blessing for children. They can also help children develop essential social, cognitive, and environmental skills, making them well-rounded individuals. So if you are considering getting a dog for your family, don’t hesitate. Your children will thank you for it, and you will have a “sync kid” in no time.

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